Configure your Dedicated Cloud Resources

With the emerging cloud technologies coming to maturity, enteprise clients can now deploy infrastructure on demand by bringing online Cloud instances from a dedicated resource pool allocated to them. You can create as many server instances as your share of the resources allow you to.

Perfect for re-sellers with the capability of creating Cloud instances with full elasticity for your customers. With control panel access for yourself and your customers, this is the best solution to own your Cloud without having to make the costly investment in hardware and development.

Dedicated Cloud Solution

Dedicated cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Small Enterprise
  • Large Enterprise
Dedicated cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Big Infrastructure
  • Big Infrastructure +

What Are Virtual Datacenters?

The next generation in hosting, the eStruxture Cloud solution allows you to manage an entire solution of servers on our Cloud infrastructure. Ideal for a cloud resellers, a Dedicated Cloud solution is fully flexible and adapted to the cloud hosting reseller model that allows you to fully control the portion of the cloud that is dedicated to you. You can provision or decommission Virstual Machines (VM) as you see fit. Create a variety of VMs to emulate a physical solution while having each VM act as its own service, or segregate all your VMs from one another so you can resell them to your customers. The possibilities are endless.

Perfect for re-sellers

No upfront investment, same flexibility and control as if it is your own Cloud.

Unlimited Internal Bandwidth

All-Gigabit Infrastructure! Benefit from unlimited transfers between your instances for increased speed.


Eliminate complexities, streamline operations, and improve management controls.


We will not advertise ourselves to enable you to brand the cloud for your customers.

Redundant A+B Power Circuits

Increased security in case of power circuit failure to avoid any downtime, distributed across all hardware.


Efficiently secure data flows to, between, and within the cloud data center.


The results are massive scale, improved efficiencies, and lower operational capital and environmental costs.

Redundant Managed gbps Switching

Infrastructure able to sustain high density traffic and thousands of concurrent connections. (10GigaBit also available)

Private VLAN Available

Minimum 5000GB per month bandwidth allowance for maximum flexibility.

No Hardware Replacement Costs

We take care of everything for you so you can invest in more important things such as marketing and sales.