For many enterprises, data sovereignty and localization of certain data types are critical. With the eStruxture Cloud, your data is stored, processed and accessed within eStruxture's Canadian data centers.

Distributed Cloud Hosting

Resources in a cloud environment are distributed across several servers so that they are available despite the failure of one or more physical machines, thus ensuring the high-availability of your cloud instance. This also renders any cloud solution highly flexible by giving you the ability to increase or decrease the resources you need to run specific applications.

The eStruxture Cloud is truly redundant in every way. The XEN based hypervisors hosting your servers are connected to a centralized storage system that has redundancy in place at every point to avoid failures.

Configure your Cloud Machine's Resources

Why choose eStruxture Cloud?

The eStruxture Cloud enables cloud full elasticity creating cloud instances for you and yours customers. Perfect for resellers, Control panel access provides the best solution for you to own your cloud without having to make costly investment in equipment and software.

Low Cost High-Availability Solution

The cost of each instance is kept at the lowest possible price considering all the redundancy you are getting with each instance.

Complete Elasticity for Each Cloud Instance

We offer you the ultimate flexibility for increasing your resources when traffic or activity increases.

Full Control with Daily Utility Billing

Every month you can decide to upgrade or downgrade the required resources and change billing to daily usage.

Windows and Linux Support

Our technical team will be able to support your configuration regardless of the operating system you selected.

Full Storage, Network & Platform Redundancy

Every aspect of the eStruxture Cloud is redundant; we guarantee uptime.

Cloud Platform Powered by XEN

Only the best virtualization software has been deployed by our engineers for the eStruxture Cloud solution.

Management Portal

You get full online access to manage your cloud instances 24/7/365.

Reliable Hardware Infrastructure

We use the best equipment in our cloud deployment to guarantee no downtime.

Choice of Hosting Control Panels

You can choose from a wide range of control panels including cPanel, Direct Admin and Plesk.