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A Cloud Just For You

eStruxture’s Private Cloud solution is a high-end, single-tenant cloud computing service in which hypervisors are dedicated to a single client, ensuring high performance and maximum flexibility to create their own customized compute platform.

Our private cloud solution is tailor-made for your application hosting or processing, and is based on the latest hardware and hypervisor technologies. As VMware and Microsoft partner, we offer both simple and complex solutions to host your critical IT or SaaS environments. Capable of integrating seamlessly with your on-premise or other hosted cloud, our private cloud offering provides business continuity capabilities for the most demanding requirements.

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eStruxture’s Private Cloud



Dedicated resources for your business make deployment speed a priority.

Highly Connected


Access the latest technology services, such as hosted applications, managed services, private storage and more.


Enhanced Security

Transmit data over private connections instead of public networks.

Leading Customer Service

24/7/365 Expert Support

Our certified support team will help you navigate the complexities of the cloud.

The eStruxture team is ready to provide full support, whether through our VMWare and Microsoft partnerships, onsite technical team, or the deployment of best-in-class virtualization software.

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