Green Data Center

eStruxture is committed to supplying clean energy solutions for its data centers

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Clean Energy without the Cost

By partnering with Hydro-Quebec, the largest electricity producer in Canada and one of the world’s leading hydropower producers, eStruxture is committed to powering its data centers with a more sustainable solution, all while maintaining a high level of performance, scalability, and uptime.

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Cool Canadian climate

reduces the demand for excess power

Fluctuation-Free Performance

Clean and reliable energy

is attained via eStruxture’s partnership with Hydro-Quebec

High Power Options

The lowest power rates

Customers benefit from the lowest power rates in eastern North America

Increased Efficiency

Canadian currency advantage

is ideal for international customers

Sustainability is Key

eStruxture provides its customers with economically efficient data center solutions, all while being fully committed to its green energy initiatives. By focusing on maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact in its data centers, eStruxture:

  • Utilizes free-cooling throughout all their facilities
  • Operates chillers that use the latest in compressor technology
  • Employs hot aisle/cold aisle containment

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