Security and Compliance

eStruxture maintains compliance with industry best practices by undergoing yearly independent third-party audits

As a leading provider of hyperscale data center solutions across Canada, we do more than creating custom space, power, and cooling solutions for our clients. We also deliver best-in-class security to safeguard our clients’ infrastructure from unauthorized access. As trusted advisors for our clients, we have a reputation for satisfying the most rigorous compliance and security protocols in the industry.

At eStruxture, we are audited externally for a SOC 2 Type 2 report under the latest SSAE18 auditing standards and comply with requirement 9 and 12 of PCI-DSS, to ensure your security needs are met at any of our locations.

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eStruxture is committed to the highest level of security and is continuing efforts to apply and maintain security standards and facility management practices.


SOC 2 Type 2

We undergo a yearly, independent third-party audit to ensure the effectiveness of our controls



We comply with sections 9 and 12 (physical premises), ensuring a secure environment for credit card payments

Tier III Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute Tier III

Our MTL-3 and CAL-1 facilities are Tier III certified



Our CAL-1 Data Center is compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)



Our CAL-1 Data Center is certified for the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) Common Security Framework (CSF)



Our CAL-1 Data Center is compliant with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

Our CAl-1 Data Center is ISO 27001 – compliant

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