eStruxture Partner Policies

eStruxture’s Data Centers Inc. (‘’eStruxture’’) are designed with the capacity, performance, and flexibility needed to run modern and demanding enterprise applications. eStruxture and our operational partners provide world-class infrastructure with innovative power and cooling systems. We provide our customers with the mission-critical services they need, with enhanced flexibility and speed for implementing new solutions, efficiently and securely.

eStruxture operational partners are subject to the eStruxture Acceptable Use Policy and the eStruxture Privacy Policy.

All site visits from eStruxture operational partners are to abide by eStruxture’s data centre’s security and operating procedures:

  • Written authorization from a facility manager or management.
  • Following the visitor sign-in process for authentication.
  • Issuance of a temporary access badge for access following authentication.
  • Biometric registration for long-term access.
  • No food or liquids in the facility.
  • No photo or recording permitted in the facility.

Services provided by eStruxture’s chosen operational partners are committed to the levels described in the eStruxture Master Service Agreement, and the appropriate Service Schedule, if any.

If you have any questions, please contact us.