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Ivrnet Inc. Selects eStruxture Data Centers as Partner to Design a Cloud and Connectivity Strategy to Boost Business Agility and Speed Up Innovation

August 24, 2021

The partnership allows Ivrnet to take a major step forward in scalability, performance, and innovation.

CALGARY, AB – August 24, 2021 – eStruxture Data Centers, the largest Canadian-owned provider of network and cloud-neutral data center solutions is proud to announce that Ivrnet Inc. (TSXV:IVI) (“Ivrnet”), a leading developer of value-added business automation software has selected eStruxture’s Calgary data center (CAL-1) for its cloud and connectivity needs.

Ivrnet has turned to eStruxture to design a cloud and connectivity strategy that met their specific requirements of scalability, resilience, and cost-efficiency. eStruxture’s customer-centric team of experts helped migrate the company’s software platforms out of its on-premise data center, off legacy systems, and into the cloud, thus enabling their teams to focus on higher-value projects.

“Ivrnet’s private data center allowed the company to deliver products and services that were ahead of their time”, said Andrew Watts, Ivrnet CEO, “but now that we are able to operate on third party infrastructure, we can deliver these same products far more cost-effectively.  And we expect the speed of innovation to increase now that our developers do not have the constraints of our old infrastructure”. 

While migrating all the software to new environments was a complex task due to the intricate nature of Ivrnet’s solution the benefits of this move are substantial:

  • Many systems were upgraded and enhanced along the way, putting the company in the best position for growth that they have had in years;
  • Substantial cost savings were realized in the immediate term as legacy infrastructure that is no longer needed was turned down;
  • Resources that were previously in place for maintaining and growing Ivrnet’s private data center are redeploying into future product development and sales. This reallocation of resources will help the company continue to be the most innovative in its field and allows the sales force to reach into new markets and opportunities.

As the largest carrier and cloud-neutral data center solutions provider in Calgary, eStruxture offers customers direct, low latency access to a variety of hyperscale providers. The facility is compliant with the most rigorous compliance protocols in the industry, including SOC 2 and PCI, providing peace of mind from a data security and business continuity perspective.

“At eStruxture, we are dedicated to being a trusted advisor to our customers and designing custom solutions that satisfy their specific needs. We were impressed with Ivrnet’s solution and were excited to be able to support them and, by extension, innovation in Canada, by providing them access to a flexible and reliable environment where their applications could thrive and that would position them for continued growth,” says Todd Coleman, President and CEO of eStruxture Data Centers.

Thanks to eStruxture’s vibrant ecosystem of network and cloud providers, as well as our fourteen facilities across Canada, businesses in Calgary, such as Ivrnet, can boost geo-redundancy and directly access hundreds of application and cloud service providers as they expand their reach into new markets.

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eStruxture is the largest Canadian-owned cloud and carrier-neutral data center provider. Our solutions are designed with the capacity, performance and flexibility to run modern, demanding enterprise applications, and the control to rapidly scale in response to unpredictable changes in business processes. Headquartered in Montréal, the company provides access to an ecosystem of over 900 customers that trust and depend on eStruxture’s mission-critical infrastructure and customer-centric support, including carriers, cloud providers, media, content, financial services and enterprise customers. eStruxture offers colocation, private cloud, managed services, bandwidth, and security and support services to customers of all sizes.

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About Ivrnet

Ivrnet is a software and communications company that develops, hosts, sells and supports valueadded business automation software. The company’s products and services are delivered through the Internet and traditional phone network. These applications facilitate automated interaction through personalized communication between people, mass communication for disseminating information to thousands of people concurrently, and personalized communication between people and automated systems.

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