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Canada’s largest data centre provider builds its reputation on innovation, execution, and excellent customer service

November 01, 2023

Founded in Canada, this award-winning company leverages an unrivaled knowledge of the Canadian market

If you think of data centres as utilities, providing data services the same way that a water utility provides water or an electric company provides electricity, you may not be seeing the full picture.

“The analogy to a utility fails to capture the complex nature of what a data centre operator can offer,” says Angela Adam, vice president of commercial and business assurance, eStruxture Data Centers. “Data centres are true hubs of innovation, connectivity, and security that shape the digital world we live in. As the backbone of global interconnectivity, data centres play a crucial role in driving progress across many industries, helping companies grow and expand their reach, and enabling the global exchange of information.”

In the short six-year span since eStruxture was established, the company has thrived on fulfilling that role across the country, with state-of-the-art data centres located in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. A Canada-first provider, the company specializes in providing services to Canadian and international companies on home turf.

From the start, the company has focused exclusively on Canada, leveraging an unrivaled knowledge of the Canadian market. “We understand what we excel at,” says Todd Coleman, founder, president and chief executive officer of eStruxture. “We have not diluted our focus and invested all over the world, like many of our competitors. This provides us with a significant advantage over operators working in multiple markets, as we gained a deeper understanding of the environment we operate in, on all levels — economic, social, political, cultural, and more. We quickly became our customers’ trusted advisors, including some of the world’s technology giants, and built strong relationships with partners, suppliers, and governments.”

eStruxture provides carrier and cloud-neutral colocation and connectivity services across all major Canadian markets. Their highly secure facilities are designed with scalability and sustainability in mind.

Leveraging a robust network ecosystem that includes carriers, network-as-a-service providers, and proprietary network platforms, eStruxture delivers comprehensive connectivity solutions to enhance network reach and redundancy for its customers. The company’s service portfolio encompasses Cloud Connectivity, Dedicated Internet Access, and Data Centre Interconnect services.

Understanding each customer’s needs, from small to large, and customizing a solution is critical to success, even as customers scale up as their business grows. For example, customers in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, or animation and visual effects businesses require high power densities of 30 to 60 kilowatts per cabinet. Large cloud service providers (also known as hyperscalers) demand customized builds offering the shortest delays that meet stringent requirements related to security, reliability, scalability, and energy efficiency.

“We’re currently experiencing a large influx of urgent requests from AI companies who require not only high power densities, but also total power demands north of 10 to 20 megawatts,” Coleman says. “We anticipated this explosive growth years ago, so our scalable facilities are already up to the task of meeting those needs.”

eStruxture also places a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility. Even as the company expands, it seeks to reduce its carbon footprint through sourcing clean energy and maximizing power efficiency, among other efforts. The company expects to achieve carbon neutrality between 2030 and 2035. eStruxture is steadfast in its commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout its entire workforce, actively taking strides to reaffirm its philosophy that, at their core, business and technology are about people.

“We live by the mantra that ‘how you treat your employees is how your employees treat your customers,’” Adam says. “When employees are engaged and find meaning in their work, they will naturally want to perform at their very best, provide the highest quality of service to our customers, build meaningful relationships, and gain our customers’ trust.”

Among the honours earned by the company, eStruxture was a winner of the 2022 Most Admired™ Corporate Cultures award by Waterstone Human Capital, recognizing Canadian organizations with cultures that enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. Winner of the Enterprise Fast 15 award in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™ Program in 2022, eStruxture was one of the fastest-growing enterprise-level technology companies by revenue-growth percentage over the past four years of operation.

Todd Coleman, eStruxture’s founder, president, and CEO also received the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® award for 2022 in Quebec, for his people-first approach to business, backed by emerging technology and a high performance culture.

eStruxture was also named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 2023 by Deloitte. Lastly, it received the CIOReview award for The Most Promising Managed Data Center Services Company.

The Canadian data centre industry is expected to expand at an 8.9 percent growth rate to 2027, fueled in part by the accelerated digitization of industry sectors that are generating unprecedented amounts of data requiring storage, processing, and transmission. The establishment of faster and more reliable 5G networks will also require data centres to process and transmit significantly larger amounts of data.

eStruxture is capitalizing on these trends with a sense of urgency, by offering increased power density and expanding its capabilities to accommodate both smaller enterprise customers as well as the world’s leading cloud service providers.

“Our roadmap entails deepening our presence in existing markets, potential expansions in emerging secondary Canadian markets, and increasing our data centre offerings,” Coleman says. “We’re committed to maintaining our customer-centric culture, fostering strategic partnerships, and capitalizing on growth opportunities while ensuring that sustainability and social responsibility remain integral to our operations.”

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