Dedicated Internet Access

Fully managed, highly available internet connectivity

Providing quality routes and redundancy to keep your organization connected 

eStruxture’s Dedicated Internet Access solution is built on a strong foundation of high-quality upstream transit paired with a large list of peers acquired through our participation at leading Canadian Internet Exchanges. Our service blends the routes of multiple Canadian and US peers for redundancy and utilizes a fully diverse, carrier-grade routing stack. Our design strives to achieve 100% uptime to ensure your business operations are never interrupted.

Speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps

Multihomed routing and high availability 

IPv4 and IPv6 supported

BGP peering available

Cross-connect and /30 IPv4 address assignment included

24/7/365 support

Dedicated Internet Access is offered in two main configurations:

Standard Availability

single port handoff (1GE/10GE) to our routing platform that is fed by multiple upstream transit routes, direct peers, and learned routes from leading IXes

High Availability

dual port handoff (2x1GE/2x10GE) to physically distributed elements of our routing platform that are fed diversely by our multiple upstream transit routes, direct peers, and learned routes from leading IXes

Call Out Area

Why choose eStruxture for Internet Bandwidth?

Canadian and US routes

strong upstream peering, with a mix of Canadian and US routes for diversity and access to regional Internet exchanges


we’ve designed our Dedicated Internet Access solution to be 100% available with logical, physical, and upstream redundancy wherever possible 

Ease of use

combine Dedicated Internet Access with eStruxture colocation services to maintain a single service provider for all your core infrastructure requirements

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