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eStruxture Data Centers: Going full throttle in Canada

June 30, 2022


Todd Coleman, CEO of eStruxture talks strategy, speed, risk, and becoming the frontrunning data centre operator in Canada in under five years

Have you ever had a front tire blow out at 178mph (286 kph) and then got back in the car to try it again a few minutes later? That’s what entrepreneurs seemingly do every day through trials and tribulations, successes and failures as they climb their way to the front of the competition. It’s  not surprising that entrepreneurs who are calculated risk takers in the business world are often thrill seekers in their personal lives, in both cases understanding the risk-return tradeoff, the sacrifices required, learning from theirs and others’ successes and failures, and constantly analysing data and trends with a strong sense of gut feel to push themselves to be the best.

One of those calculated risk-taking entrepreneurs is Todd Coleman, Founder, President and CEO of eStruxture Data Centers. He founded eStruxture in 2017 and in less than five drove it to become the single largest Canadian data centre platform. And, as it turns out, he is also an accomplished racecar driver. Which begs the question: is there a common thread between success at the track and success in business? 

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eStruxture Data Centers: Going full throttle in Canada