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eStruxture Wins Corporate Excellence
Award 2022 for Leading Data Center
Services Provider – Canada

May 24, 2022

Five Years of Exceptional Data Center Services

Over the past five years, eStruxture Data Centers has accomplished great things. The company, which aids companies in optimising their digital processes, has spread its reach across Canada, in record time, maintaining 15 locations. 2022’s Leading Data Center Services Provider – Canada is a title that truly describes the company and its high-quality services.

In February 2022, eStruxture celebrated five years in business – and it had a lot to celebrate. The company has grown exponentially over the years, trading in its humble beginnings in a data center in downtown Montreal for 15 facilities across Canada. Furthermore, its total footprint now spans 760,000 square feet of combined data center space and a total power capacity of 130 megawatts. Such infrastructure allows the company to supply effective data solutions to a clientele of almost 1,500. Unsurprisingly, eStruxture has evolved into Canada’s leading data center, with its solutions designed to give their customers more.

More locations, more capacity, and more connections are all things that eStruxture Data Centers strives to supply to its customers, subsequently bolstering the optimisation of their businesses. With state-of-the-art colocation facilities and a deep focus on sustainability, eStruxture is committed to the reduction of its carbon footprint, which it endeavours to do through maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact in its data centers. A significant portion of its customer-base have sustainability as a critical business priority and, therefore, partnering with eStruxture Data Centers helps them achieve their sustainability goals.

Consequently, eStruxture has obtained customers across a multitude of industries. It is the premier choice for companies who are searching for flexible and reliable data center services, this includes network providers, XaaS hosting, fintech, AI, machine learning, VFX and rendering, or other industries who depend on efficient IT solutions. eStruxture Data Centers treats each customer with the utmost respect, taking the
time to truly understand their needs and requirements. Much of this approach stems from the company’s customer-centric culture.

The staff are guided by the company’s five core values – customer-centricity, inclusivity, teamwork, accountability, and community. Of course, it is imperative that the team always prioritises the customer, upholding a high standard of customer service. eStruxture takes pride in being a trusted partner to its customers. Furthermore, its culture of belonging ensures that everyone is welcome and that every idea is heard. ‘We love our people for who they are, and not just for what they do,’ the company comments. These are all contributing factors to the company’s success, as they set it apart greatly from its competition. Whilst the company maintains a strong entrepreneurial spirit, its primary benefit is its deep understanding of the Canadian market. eStruxture Data Centers is 100% Canadian owned and operated – a fact that the company is incredibly proud of – and it plants to continue to invest in the economy. These plans will manifest through the creation of more jobs for Canadians, and through offering a data center platform that is structured to aid companies that want to grow or establish their footprint in Canada.

As such, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent turbulence, the company was well equipped to continue to extend its services to an increasing number of customers. Due to the nature of the pandemic, much of the global workforce transitioned to remote working, resulting in companies having to shift their IT systems off-site. In turn, the data center industry has seen record-breaking
demand, and eStruxture was no exception. eStruxture writes, ‘Data centers are the  backbone of the Internet and the power houses of cloud computing.’

2022 is a year filled with organic growth as the response to the pandemic continues, with much of the spawning from enterprise and hyperscale customers. In the last quarter of the year, eStruxture will be opening its second location in Calgary (CAL-2). The hyperscale facility will be the largest data center in the Calgary area, with approximately 93,000 square feet of space and 30MW of power. In addition, the company plans to open a new facility in Vancouver and to fulfil the significant expansion of its hyperscale facility in Montreal (MTL-2).

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