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Unlocking the future: exploring the importance of colocation services

January 19, 2024

Todd Coleman, founder, President and CEO of eStruxture, Canada’s leading data centre platform, talks to Business Reporter about the rapidly increasing relevance of data centre colocation services in the digital era, and the unique attributes that distinguish eStruxture within this competitive landscape.

Business Reporter: Why are colocation services important to your customers? How do they benefit? 

Todd Coleman: Colocation services are critical in today’s digital era, [one] marked by an exponential increase in data reliance. They provide a versatile “bring your own server” model, combining server rental space with essential services such as power and cooling. Our services offer robust physical and data security, ensuring customer data remains private and secure, which is essential as data breaches can cost companies millions. Moreover, our robust internet connection, reduced IT staffing needs and scalability support businesses in focusing on their core competencies. Given the global data centre colocation market is expected to reach $212.8 billion by 2032, these benefits are increasingly sought after. 

BR: How does eStruxture set itself apart from its competitors? 

TC: eStruxture differentiates itself through state-of-the-art infrastructure, offering more locations, capacity and connections for demanding applications. Our commitment to customer service excellence, underpinned by a high-performance ethic, is central to our business philosophy. Additionally, our focus on sustainability is crucial in this energy-intensive sector.  

We also pride ourselves on our diverse workforce, which has been instrumental in our growth. Our strategic locations across all major Canadian markets (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver) provide a competitive edge, catering to data sovereignty needs and offering convenient access for IT teams. Together with our unrivalled knowledge of the Canadian market, this truly sets us apart from any competition. 

BR: Can you elaborate on the importance of a data centre’s location? 

TC: Location is critical for two reasons: data sovereignty and convenience. Firstly, Canadian companies and multinationals that trade in Canada often want data processing to take place in Canada: data sovereignty requirements may mean that data processing has to be located where the data originates. And processing data in Canada can be important for companies that want to be near the USA but not in it. For example, they might want to avoid being subject to the [United States] Patriot Act, so that they are not required to give up customers’ personal information to the US government. 

Secondly, convenience is key – our data centres are strategically located near business hubs and airports, and coupled with robust network connections and reliable utility power, ensuring seamless data transmission. 

BR: Data centres are notorious for using huge quantities of energy and water for cooling. How do you square that with being an ethical business? 

TC: Sustainability is at our core. At eStruxture, everything is built around sustainability so that we can address environmental concerns.  

We utilise innovative air-cooling technologies instead of water, leverage Canada’s climate, and recycle to reduce water usage. All of this means that our use of water is sustainable – and in fact our new-build plants are water neutral. 

We’re moving towards renewable energy, and partnering with major hydroelectric producers such as Hydro-Quebec. This aligns with the industry’s shift towards greener practices. 

BR: You have also mentioned diversity. Why is having a diverse workforce important for eStruxture? 

TC: Diversity fuels creativity and problem-solving, vital in a tech-driven industry. It helps with recruitment: people tell their friends it’s a great place to work and we find that diversity is a powerful recruiting and retention tool. It also helps with customer management: customers appreciate it when they deal with eStruxture team members who come from similar places, backgrounds or experiences. 

At eStruxture diversity and inclusion are at the top of our cultural values. We are a people business and unusually for an IT company we are not male-dominated: 50 per cent of our business leaders are women. 

BR: What do you see as the future of data centre colocation services? 

TC: Data centre colocation services will continue to grow rapidly because of the increasing demand for scalable, secure and efficient data solutions. Technologies such as edge computing and IoT are shaping the services we provide, enhancing connectivity and agility, while artificial intelligence (AI) will bring opportunities to improve sustainability and efficiency.  

However, high-performance computing technologies such as AI and virtual reality will also escalate demands for power. Our facilities are ready for this and can provide the high power densities that our customers will increasingly demand. 

Change is happening fast. And we are confident that we are very well positioned to service the evolving and urgent needs of our customers. 

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