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Directly access our growing ecosystem of hundreds of leading Cloud and SaaS providers

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eStruxture’s Cloud Connectivity Options

Our partnerships with Megaport and IX Reach and our relationship with AWS Direct Connect enables our customers to connect over an elastic, SDN-based Ethernet fabric and benefit from wider coverage and speed-to-market, all while reducing costs and ensuring rapid provisioning across a single platform. Connect to all your resources, transfer your critical data directly from your data center or colocation environment into and from the cloud, bypassing your ISP and removing network congestion. Enjoy enhanced performance and extremely low latency so you can serve your end-users quickly and effectively, 24X7x365.

We give our customers simple and efficient connectivity options, backed by our reliable colocation infrastructure. Whether you’re looking for dedicated connections to public clouds or seeking a hybrid mix of private and public offerings, eStruxture has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Establish Your Cloud Presence With eStruxture.



Bypass the internet through direct links to secure your cloud environments and comply with data sovereignty regulations.

Hybrid Environment

Hybrid Cloud

Take advantage of cloud connect capabilities and grow your private, virtual environment for short periods for a special project or high demand season while maintaining security and a single management interface.

Global Presence

Global Reach

Design and implement a global network with resources hosted in other data centers, without the performance lag of the internet or the additional networking complexity.

Highly Secure


eStruxture’s cloud solutions connected to several hyper-scale cloud providers ensure your applications are always available and not subject to cloud providers issues which typically span multiple regions or an entire platform.

The Flexible Cloud You Need for Your Data-Intensive Operations

Partner with eStruxture and take advantage of the ability to directly connect your privately owned and managed IT infrastructure to cloud services – all from the same eStruxture data center facility. Through the IX Reach and Megaport platforms, our customers can enjoy a one-click connection to global Cloud and SaaS and Managed Service providers, as well as customers and business partners. Whether choosing Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, eliminate the configuration complexity by relying on eStruxture’s 24X7x365 support.

eStruxture is known for offering maximum flexibility in designing cloud architecture to suit our clients’ needs. From multi-cloud options to cost-effective hybrid cloud options, we have the capacity, performance, and reliability to run modern, demanding enterprise cloud-computing applications.

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