Virtual Servers

The flexibility and scalability of the cloud, at an affordable price

Secure and Flexible Cloud Offerings

Bringing together the benefits of both the public and private cloud, eStruxture’s virtual servers allow for ultimate security on a shared infrastructure, providing the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud within a private, customized environment. You only pay for what you use.

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eStruxture’s Virtual Servers



Design the system that best suits the needs of your business.



Our platform allows you to scale your server according to your needs and only pay for the resources you require.

Cost Effective


The shared resource pool and economy-of-scale allows your business to ramp up quickly and economically, as needed.

Retain Control

Retain Control

Maintain control of where your data is located, keeping your valuable information protected at all times.


Enhanced Security

Protect your data with the security it deserves. Our virtual servers provide that extra layer of security that your business needs, isolating your data to provide a more secure environment for your business.

Fluctuation-Free Performance

Fluctuation-Free Performance

Monitor your performance in real time, ensuring your business always operates at peak efficiency.

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